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Reflective Statement




The winds of change have blown through since I first walked through the doors of T.V. Guide. The first change originates with the evaluation of my career as a Client Service and Production Specialist at T.V. Guide. The most enjoyable moments were experienced when training others. My input was requested when they designed multiple training manuals which demonstrates a strong aptitude for teaching others. Inspired by this, I entered into education and through my teaching with technology course, I discovered a variety of ways to integrate technology in a classroom setting. I became inspired to obtain a Teaching and Learning with Technology Certification along with my Secondary Education Language Arts Certification and my Secondary Communications Certification. While teaching at PA Virtual Charter School, it was discovered that I have a knack for technology.  I developed and implemented the Tech 1 course and determined the criteria for taking all other technology related courses.  Which led to obtaining my Business Computer Information Technology Certification.

Aside from my professional career, I followed my heart through volunteer work.  I was actively involved with the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at Lynnewood Elementary and Cub Pack 332.  I also taught art in the classroom lessons and was the 4th grade homeroom mother as part of the PTO. 

After moving to New Jersey, I became involved in the Home and School Association at Waterford Elementary and Boy Scout Troop 159.  My work with Boy Scout Troop 159 includes trip planning, tracking adult training, writing the monthly newsletter, being a merit badge counselor and Eagle Scout Committee Member.  

When I first left PA Virtual, I was open to working in an elementary school.  However, the K-12 Business Computer Information Technology Certification did not transfer.  Although I enjoyed some aspects of working at Hammonton High School in my long-term substitute position, I had issues in my personal life that pulled me away from the focus that I had on my career. Those personal concerns dominated my life for the next 2 years. Toward the end of that time, I recalled that a friend and colleague from Hammonton recommended that I obtain my elementary certification. In addition, they finally transferred the Business Computer Information Technology Certification to a Teacher of Business Computer Applications and Business-Related Information Technology.  Then I had the pleasure of working with 1st through 4th graders as a 5 week per diem English as a Second Language substitute at Joyce Kilmer Elementary. I then began work as a Special Education Instructional Aide at Waterford Elementary.  This provides the opportunity to work with a variety of students with varying needs in a 4th grade inclusion setting. In addition to my regular duties, I dedicated a portion of my lunch to work with a needy student each day.

I presently work as a substitute teacher at Waterford Elementary School District. During the last two years my skills remained fresh as an active parent volunteer and leader for Girl Scout Troop 30043 and as the Superintendent of Sunday School and VBS volunteer at Atco United Presbyterian Church. I have also developed my knowledge and understanding of mindfulness through the yoga classes I attend on a regular basis and a steady home practice supported by meditation.

I feel inspired as I move forward. I am an avid learner and thrive on being a life-long learner and discovering the opportunities available as a result. I most desire to work with students who struggle due to personal concerns and need the added compassion, and understanding that I can provide.