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Webshots your world of photos
This site is an excellent resource for graphics images and photo images fore-cards, backgrounds, wallpaper, etc.  They do try to convince you to purchase the gold membership but you can use the site for free and download a great deal of images for free in high enough quality to suit most peoples everyday needs.

Urban Legends Reference Pages
This site is an excellent resource for obtaining the accuracy or legitimacy of a great deal of information.  All statements are backed up by the links to formal sites such as the Chicago Tribune.  This is the website authority on determining the legitimacy of many chain e-mails and other documents that are presented as factual that are in actuality fictional.

Education World The Educators Best Friend

Indeed as the title states this is like having a best friend in the same field as you are.  It offers great advice from routines to lesson plans   to discipline and developing innovative methods of teaching.

Federal Resources for EducationalExcellence
This site provides links to other sites that are useful according to your subject area.  Each site is listed with a brief description.  This site is updated daily.

Tufts University Child And FamilyWebGuide
This site links to a variety of other sites. Each site is organized according to topic. Topics include but are not limited to bullies, curriculum, after school care, and parent involvement.  The link are rated Good, Very Good, or Excellent.

This site is an excellent resource but it does require a fee of $19.99 per year for K-8 or 9-12 or $39.98 for all grades. It is a yearly service fee. They do offer lesson plans, worksheets and other activities for you to utilize at your will.

ERIC Educational Resources InformationCenter
ERIC is a national information system funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences to provide access to education literature and resources.

This site is a great resource for students parents and teachers. It is a game site that educates as they play and it provides excellent teacher tools such as online quizzes.        

Scholastic is a site for parents, students, and teachers. It offers free lesson plans and requires no sign up. An excellent resource for all!


Plagiarism–copyright laws

This copyright chart from media festival is an excellent resource detailing the copyright laws of a classroom.                 


MLA Standards

This MLA Standards website is an excellent resource for meeting the appropriate standards of documentation set by the MLA. 


Mr. Heitmann's Website

This is a site developed by a group of  teachers and is an excellent resource for questions regarding the appropriate style and methods for a multitude of projects.